A successful writing career involving extensive writing projects, in addition to another set of eyes that are already accustomed to looking for typos, grammar usage, and spelling, is like the icing on the cake for your document or project.  It's all about a consistent routine in approach, backed by years of experience.  The aggregate result of all these attributes is the ideal catalyst for creating your successful project! 

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PROOFREADER noun [ C ] US /ˈpruːfˌriː.dɚ/ a person whose job is to check the text before it is printed or put online.  In other words the final review before publishing. (from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Types of Editing We Offer:

Projects requiring final perusal for correct spelling, grammar, and typos are endless.  Whatever your industry, target audience, topic, or media, we can help!


EDITOR noun [ C ] US ​ /ˈed·ət̬·ər/ a person who corrects and make changes to texts or films before they are printed or shown. (from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


First of all, I don't have an hourly rate.  BUT, I'll give you something better: an exact price!

If you need to have ballpark figures of what you can expect to pay for my work, then please use the Contact Us button now, or give me a call.

There is no minimum rate required for projects.  A retainer will be required for larger projects and will be negotiated prior to commencement of the project.

Contact Us to receive a free quote, prior to placing your order.

*ProofedCopy is aware that some clients may require testing prior to award of projects.  All tests, be it proofreading, writing, indexing, etc., will be invoiced for each test.

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Your proofed documents will be reviewed, and feedback provided for changes, then it's up to you whether you keep the changes or continue using your document "as is."  It's common practice to include rewrites in projects - please consult your contract for details. 

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