Excerpts from Works of Fiction

Fictional works portray a cast of characters performing to meet a central moral or event.  Here are examples of fictional works for your review.


by: Mel Tiamat (Pseudonym)

“Timmeron is a color, spoken in the minds of children”

"The year of Teon had finally arrived, and the forest now took on the lively hues of Spring. All about the forest floor, there was activity bustling around the leaves, under the logs, and echoing through the hills. It was a momentous time in the land of Kea, and all the folk knew that this was the day to air out all the finery from centuries past. It has been a millennium of dreams since first the story of Timmeron was spoken, and now tongues wagged in such a flurry that the sound was like a high-pitched hum on the winds. What had once been a mere bedtime story to those who had marked time in Kea, now became a vivid, vibrant, and valid tale transitioned into reality. Soon she would arrive, and all that had been speculation throughout the eons would soon be known to all who bore her sign.

All the babes of Kea had heard the tale related to them on their mother’s lap, as she whispered the words of Nestra’s “Guardian of the Sounds”, Maddren. They quickly felt her lilt take them to the land of slumber, and away into the fields where rainbows held them high so that the sky could bathe them in a warm glow. It was there that they would experience Timmeron; always known as a color only the sprites knew. It was a deep hue of yellow, rose, and sprinkles of silver, and it spread out like a blanket of spun gold that sparkled in the moonlight. To all the inhabitants of Kea it was a sign of royalty – the mark of Nestra. It was what made the babes of Kea all that much more special. The folk of Kea had heard the words down through the ages and always provided a special place to those who were the children of Nestra. They alone were rocked in the cradle of the calla lily, fed the nectar of the honeysuckle, and bathed with the tears of the moonflower. Their wings carried the song of the bumblebee, as their songs enlightened the hearts of all that could hear. Though they found themselves, recipients of Nestra’s special gifts, they had learned over the ages to blend into the culture of Kea. It was the land of Kea that gave them their life energy, and zest for living. It was within Kea that they would remain until the time Nestra would choose to select an heir. "