Example Employment Documents

Here is a showcase of employment-related works that exemplify the quality as well as expertise provided in each work provided to employers.

Sample - Company Policy

Legal compliance is always in the forefront of employers as more and more laws and regulations are passed by various state and federal agencies.  Having compliant, easy to read & understand policies is critical to the continued success of any business.

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Sample - Job Description

Employers hire employees with the expectation they will complete certain tasks associated with the employees position.  This is accomplished through a job description.  However, this document not only provides a list of Essential Duties, but also ensure that the employer has related a true picture of everything involved and affecting this job, thus remaining compliant with several agency regulations.

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Sample - Mission Statement

Every company is based on a premise of performance and guarantee.  Expressing this is achieved through an engaging and articulate Mission Statement.

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Sample - Employee Welcome                         Letter

Welcoming a new employee to the staff should always include a letter from their manager, director, or human resources personnel.  Letting them know that they the staff and company have confidence in their skill set will boost their own confidence that they can bring more ideas and production to the company who has chosen to hire them.

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Sample - Random Drug Testing                     Program

Employers are committed to providing a safe work environment and to fostering the well-being and health of its employees. That commitment is jeopardized when any employee illegally uses drugs on or off the job, reports for work under their influence, possesses, distributes or sells drugs in the workplace, or abuses alcohol on the job.  A solid policy and program is necessary to protect the employer from liabilities associated with drug abuse by their employees.

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Sample - Team Building for                             Supervisors

As a supervisor, knowing how to build trust with employees is critical to your ability to get things done.  Building a great team takes time and diligence, and the result can be monumental in terms of the company's bottom line!

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