ProofedCopy  is an affiliate of Dragon Services Company, LLC, a solely-owned and operated freelance services company.  ProofedCopy was created to provide businesses and individuals with quality, professional, proofreading and editing services.  

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Deborah Dooley


With a successful career as a Human Resources executive behind me, I began my freelance career as a Business Operations and HR Management consultant.  Now, I enjoy focusing all my efforts toward my affinity for words and their usage, as well as incorporating my side hobby of photography.  Sprinkle in my love of all things western (horses, ranching, cowboys, etc.), the outdoors, and gardening, as well as graduate degrees in Human Resource Management, Safety Engineering, and Human Relations, and you have a diverse mix of academic knowledge, expertise, and creativity to suit any writing project. 

Throughout my freelance career, I have provided editing services as part of my other consultative services.  After clients repeatedly called on me for proofreading and editing talents, I pooled those skill sets into a separate business and formed ProofedCopy.

My approach is, and always has been, to provide quick, quality service to my clients.  I pride myself on meeting deadlines and listening to what my clients need and ensure every client is fully satisfied with their project results.

Now is an excellent time to make that call or send that email so you, too, can find a freelancer who delivers what they promise!  I look forward to speaking with you very soon. 

                                                                         - Deb Dooley


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